UFC Fight Night Results: Lyoto Machida vs. Mark Munoz Results and Post Fight Press Conference

UFC Fight Night took place October 26, 2013 from Manchester, England. The main event was a middleweight showdown between Lyoto Machida and Mark Munoz.

Machida is a well respected MMA veteran who at one time was the UFC light heavyweight champion. This would be his first fight in the middleweight division. Many are saying that this is the division that Machida should have always been a part of. His last fight in the light heavyweight division was a unanimous decision loss to Phil Davis. Now we will see if the cut to 185 will reinvigorate the “Dragon”.

Munoz looked very impressive in his last match at UFC 162, defeating Tim Boetsch by unanimous decision in a dominating performance. He seems to be motivated after suffering a hand injury that kept him out of action for 6 months, then suffering a TKO loss at the hands of Chris Weidman. He intensified his training and looks more chiseled than we’ve ever seen him. Munoz looks hungry to earn a title shot, but the first task at hand is to hand his former training partner and friend Machida, his first loss at middleweight.

Machida vs Munoz Weigh Ins

Machida vs Munoz Highlights

Round 1: Both fighters come out and touch gloves in the center, then face off. They feel each other out, circling each other, then Machida throws a leg kick to judge the distance. Munoz springs forward and throws a right hand but Machida backs out of the way. They go back the center again and the feeling out process continues.

Machida throws a low leg kick which just misses. Munoz circles on the outside while Machida moves forward. They both are a little tentative during the first minute, each one feinting but not throwing anything. Machida springs forward and attempts a one-two combo, but Munoz ducks the first one and blocks the second one. They re-engage.

Munoz steps forward and lands a leg kick. Machida threatens with a feint and Munoz circles away. Machida steps forward to re-engage him, then Munoz feints a one-two that backs Machida up momentarily. Munoz reaches down to go for a leg, but Machida, who is extremely elusive moves out the way effortlessly. Munoz takes a couple of steps back and then they face off again.

Machida steps forward while Munoz is circling sideways and lands a hard, loud kick to Munoz’s body. Munoz blocks it slightly but it still lands solidly. Munoz takes a few steps to his right to get some space and then they face off. Machida has been the aggressor of the fight at this point, constantly moving forward and pressuring Munoz.

Machida follows Munoz as he moves sideways along the ring. Machida is feinting kicks and punches which keeps Munoz moving. Machida steps in and throws a hard right hand which lands right on Munoz’s head, but he blocks it with his gloves. Munoz recovers and circles away.

Machida steps forward and re-engages. They each feint with jabs, then Machida feints with another kick. Munoz steps to the side where Machida blitzes forward and lands a vicious kick to Munoz’s body. This one fully lands and Munoz circles away. Machida closes the distance and attempts a high kick, but stops it midway. Munoz steps forward and they face off toward the center of the ring.

They both continue feinting with Machida threatening the most. After a handful more feints, Machida steps forward and lands a leg kick. Munoz blocks it partially. Munoz bounces forward, not really doing anything, and both men circle and feint in the center of the ring. After one or two more feints, out of nowhere Machida throws a fast high kick that blasts Munoz right in the face. Munoz drops down to the canvas and Machida rushes him. Machida threatens with a punch but does not throw it because Munoz is already out. The referee rushes in to officially stop the fight. Lyoto Machida defeats Mark Munoz by KO in the 1st round.

UFC Post Fight Press Conference

Other results:

The lightweight bout between Melvin Guillard and Ross Pearson was ruled a no contest due an illegal knee thrown by Guillard in Round 1.

Light heavyweight Jimi Manuwa defeated Ryan Jimmo by TKO in Round 2.

In the lightweight division, Norman Parke won an unanimous decision victory over Jon Tuck.

Middleweight Nico Musoke defeated Alessio Sakara by submission with an armbar in Round 1.

In the flyweight division, John Lineker defeats Phil Harris by TKO in Round 1.