UFC Fight Night Results: Mark Hunt vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva Results and Post Fight Press Conference

UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot vs Hunt took place December 6, 2013 from Brisbane, Australia. The main event was a heavyweight showdown between MMA veteran Mark Hunt, and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva.

UFC Fight Night Brisbane Weigh In

Round 1: Both fighters come to the center and face off. They circle in the center, gauging each other’s timing. Silva throws a light side kick that lands. Hunt starts to feint some light jabs. Silva throws a front kick to Hunt’s body that grazes him slightly. Both men are being extremely cautious during the first minute.

Silva throws another side kick to the leg that lands. Neither man has thrown anything of significance. Hunt throws a jab that is short of the mark, and Bigfoot throws a moderate leg kick that lands. Hunt throws two jabs and rushes Silva with some wild hooks. Silva ducks them and slips to the canvas. Silva recovers and they face off once again.

Silva throws another front kick that lands followed by a right hook that misses. They each circle in the center, still cautious. Silva throws another front kick that misses. Silva throws a high kick that Hunt ducks. Neither Hunt nor Silva appears aggressive, they are very respectful of each other’s power and skills.

Hunt rushes in and throws a left, right hook combo that Silva blocks with his gloves. Both men trade shots and Silva lands a hook that drops Hunt to the canvas. Silva swarms him, and Hunt is able to get back to his feet. Silva maintains the clinch up against the cage and tries to land a knee. Hunt pushes Bigfoot back and they face off again.

They stay in the center and circle each other. Hunt throws a few jabs that Bigfoot blocks. Silva throws a light leg kick that lands. Hunt follows up with a leg kick of his own that grazes Silva. Silva throws another kick, punch combo that slightly lands. They continue measuring each other, neither anxious to force the action.

Hunt rushes in throwing a couple of wild hooks that miss, and Silva tries to land one of his own and misses. Silva gets Hunt against the cage and Hunt reverses the position. They separate and face off once again. The round ends with them facing off near the cage.

Round 2: They face off in the center, once again being cautious. Hunt rushes forward with several hooks but misses. Silva lands a strong leg kick that buckles Hunt. The action seems to pick up so far as both men are attacking more frequently. Silva bolts forward throwing hooks of his own, but misses. Bigfoot throws a spinning back kick that misses.

Hunt keeps pushing forward throwing hooks and jabs, but Silva blocks them with his arms and gloves. Both men continue facing off in the center. They trade more often in this round, each throwing punches and kicks. Hunt lands a solid body kick and Silva returns a leg kick.

The action slows back down slightly, but they continue to trade shots. Silva lands a stinging leg kick that visibly hurts Hunt. Silva swarms him against the cage, but is unable to finish. The round ends with them facing off near the cage.

Round 3: Both men come to the center and Silva throws another leg kick. Hunt gets Silva’s leg and takes him down. Silva is able to get back up and Hunt holds him against the cage. Silva breaks away and they face off. Hunt tries another take down and gets Silva down for a second. Hunt gets him against the cage and Silva breaks away.

Hunt is moving forward while Bigfoot circles on the outside. Hunt rushes in with some wild hooks but misses. They face off briefly and Hunt lands a straight right hand that connects and drops Bigfoot. Hunt jumps into his guard trying to finish. Bigfoot covers his face, and Hunt tries to break through. Hunt lands a couple elbows and a few punches, but not enough to finish.

Bigfoot is blocking just trying to survive while Hunt reigns down punches and elbows. The round ends with Hunt in top position.

Round 4: The meet in the center and Hunt immediately goes on the attack. He throws a few hooks but they all miss. Hunt gets Silva against the cage and holds him there momentarily. They break apart and Silva launches his own attack. He throws several straight punches that miss. Bigfoot goes for a takedown but Hunt defends and turns it around. Hunt gets Silva down against the cage and starts reigning down punches.

Silva is able to get back to his feet and they face off again. They trade shots in the center back and forth. Hunt lands, Bigfoot lands back, and then Silva gets Hunt’s head in the plum and lands a moderate knee to the head. It wobbles Hunt, and Silva comes forward throwing punch after punch.

He backs Hunt against the cage, throwing more punches that land, followed by another knee to the top of the head. Hunt blasts back with two solid left hooks. Hunt tries to get Silva down but Bigfoot ends up in top position. Bigfoot lands two elbows followed by 2 punches. Hunt is trying to survive the onslaught of Silva.

Silva gets into the mounted position and reigns down major ground and pound to Hunt’s face. Hunt’s face is busted open, but he survives to the end of the round.

Round 5: Final round, both fighters are extremely exhausted. They touch gloves in the center and face off. Hunt blasts forward immediately with a solid right hook. Hunt moves forward again with a two punch hook combo that stuns Silva slightly. They each trade shots in the center.

Hunt lands the better of the exchanges, but Silva hangs in there. Bother men are busted up terribly. Hunt moves in again and lands several solid hooks to Silva’s face. Silva returns fire but Hunt is landing more solid punches. Bigfoot lands two strong right hands that force Hunt back into the cage. The two men are duking it out back and forth, and the audience is standing and cheering the whole time.

The fight ends with both men slugging it out against the cage. The audience gives a standing ovation to Bigfoot and Hunt for putting on one of the best heavyweight performances of the year. After deliberating, the judges call the bout a draw. No one is surprised, and everyone is pleased with the decision.

Fight Highlights: Hunt vs Silva

Hunt & Bigfoot Post Fight Interview

Main Card Results:

Shogun Rua wins with an impressive first round knockout of James TeHuna.

Ryan Bader looked impressive as he won a decision victory over Anthony Perosh.

Soa Palelei stopped Pat Barry in impressive fashion in the first round, taking him down and knocking him out in the mounted position.

Clint Hester won a TKO victory over Dylan Andrews, after Andrews was not able to continue in the 3rd round due to an arm injury.

In her UFC debut, Bethe Correia looked impressive, defeating veteran Julie Kedzie by unanimous decision.

UFC Brisbane Post Fight Conference