UFC Fight Night Results: Tim Kennedy vs. Rafael Natal Results and Post Fight Press Conference

UFC Fight For The Troops took place November 6, 2013, from Ft. Campbell, KY. The main event was a middleweight matchup between respected MMA and military veteran Tim Kennedy, taking on up and coming explosive fighter, Rafael Natal.

Fight For The Troops Weigh Ins

Round 1: Both fighters come and meet in the center of the Octagon. They circle each other briefly and Natal throws a leg kick. Kennedy catches the leg kick and throws a counter punch which doesn’t land solidly. They circle each other again and Natal throws another leg kick. Kennedy throws a leg kick of his own. Natal lands a right hand that stuns Tim slightly, then lands a body kick. They continue to circle each other in the center.

Natal seems to be more comfortable on the feet than Kennedy. Tim throws a couple of strikes, neither one lands solidly. Rafael throws a spinning back kick that misses. Natal throws a leg kick that lands and knocks Kennedy off his balance. Kennedy continues to move forward, and lands a solid kick to the body. Kennedy is not the aggressor, constantly moving forward while Natal circles on the outside.

They face off in the center, both throwing feints. Kennedy attempts a spinning back kick that misses the mark. Kennedy throws a leg kick that Natal catches briefly then lets go. Natal throws a high roundhouse kick but Kennedy dodges it easily. Natal moves forward throwing a couple of jab attempts and Kennedy blocks with his glove, then returns a couple of jabs. Tim throws a high left hook that Natal dodges and blocks with his gloves.

Kennedy moves in with a straight jab and Natal counters with a strong uppercut to Tim’s head. They face off again in the center, each throwing feints. Kennedy pushes forward while Natal circles away. As Natal backs into the cage, Kennedy leaps forward with a solid left hook that connects and drops Natal to the canvas. Kennedy pounces and lands a couple more unanswered shots before referee Herb Dean steps in to stop the fight. Tim Kennedy defeats Rafael Natal by KO in round 1.

Tim Kennedy 1st Round KO of Rafael Natal

Tim Kennedy Post Fight Interview

Main Card results:

Alexis Davis won a unanimous decision over Liz Carmouche.

Yoel Romero defeated Ronny Markes with a vicious KO in round 3.

Rustam Khabilov won a decision victory over Jorge Masvidal.

Michael Chiesa defeated Colton Smith in round 2 by submission with a rear-naked choke.

Fight For The Troops Post Fight Press Conference