UFC Fight Night Results: Vitor Belfort vs Dan Henderson II Results and Post Fight Press Conference

UFC Fight Night took place on November 9, 2013, from Goiania, Brazil. The main event was a light heavyweight rematch between Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort.

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Fight Night Post Fight Press Conference

Round 1: Both Henderson and Belfort meet in the center of the ring and touch gloves. They immediately start to circle each other, Belfort circling on the outside while Henderson slowly edges forward.

They are both extremely cautious, as neither one throws a strike for the first 20 seconds. Henderson feints with a light jab as he moves in, but Belfort is constantly circling away side to side.

They are both attempting to check each other’s timing and judge the distance. They are each being very patient about attacking, as neither have thrown any strikes after 30 seconds into the round. Both fighters are dangerous strikers and neither wants to take a chance.

Belfort reaches his arm out to gauge the distance while still circling around on the outside. Henderson is methodically moving forward, waiting for his chance to attack. Now with 1:00 gone by, the crowd is getting a little restless. Neither fighter has attempted to throw a strike at this point, and both men continue throwing light feints from the outside.

A second later, Henderson rushes Belfort against the cage and throws 2 right hands, the first one misses and the second one connects slightly. At the same time Belfort throws a solid hook of his own that lands and drops Henderson to the canvas. Belfort pounces, trying to unleash some wicked ground and pound.

Henderson tries to grab Vitor’s body to control him from doing any more significant damage, but Vitor lands a few hard shots. The referee is looking closely but the fight goes on. Henderson is looking to stand back up and gets to his knees. Belfort is not letting up, continuing a strong barrage of punches while Hendo tries to stand to his feet.

Henderson finally manages to stand up, but a second after standing Vitor unleashes a wicked high kick that lands squarely to Henderson’s face. The kick drops Henderson back down to the canvas, and the referee Dan Mirgliotta decided that Henderson could not continue and stops the fight. Vitor Belfort defeats Dan Henderson by KO in round 1.

UFC Fight Night Recap: Belfort vs Henderson


Ring Interview With Vitor Belfort

Dan Henderson Post Fight Interview

Fight Results:

Cezar Ferreira defeated Daniel Sarafian by unanimous decision.

Rafael Cavalcante submitted Igor Pokrajac in round 1.

Brandon Thatch defeated Paulo Thiago by submission in round 1.

Ryan LaFlare won a unanimous decision victory over Santiago Ponzinibbio.

Jeremy Stephens defeated Rony Jason by KO in round 1.