UFC News: Another Injury Setback For Nate Quarry

Nate Quarry Booted Off Team Quest

It looks like UFC fighter Nate “The Rock” Quarry will have to sit on the sidelines again after a freak accident left him with a broken eye socket.

Quarry was at a party in Albany, Oregon, where guests were hitting golf balls into a wooded area. Quarry walked straight into the backswing of a young woman, sending the club directly into his left eye. The force of the blow broke Quarry’s Orbital Floor, a bone that keeps the eye in place. Doctors estimate the original cast member of “The Ultimate Fighter” will not be able to compete until November or December at the earliest. Despite the bad turn of luck, Quarry has been a good sport about the whole incident.

Bad news for Nate Quarry who was on a two fight winning streak in the UFC before the accident.

A broken eye socket is a hard injury to recover from, I don’t see him returning any time in 2008.