UFC News: Brandon Vera Staying At Heavyweight

brandon vera
brandon vera

UFC heavyweight Brandon Vera has told the Fight Network, that he will be staying in the UFC heavyweight division, rather then dropping down to light heavyweight, despite UFC officials expressing their desires to have Vera drop a division.

Vera suffered a devastating loss to Tim Sylvia at UFC 77. Early in the the fight Vera broke his hand, but continued to fight the Maniac to a decision.

I was like “For what? I ain’t moving nowhere” Why would I even think of moving (down)? I have a whole bunch of stuff to do still. I’ve got to beat Tim (Sylvia). I’m not gonna let that one go. Our pathes will cross again, I promise.

Oh my God that fight sucked so bad; that’s why I wanted to apologize to my fans.

After the fight, people weren’t writing me and calling me and saying, ‘Sorry about your hand. Sorry you lost the fight.’ People were calling, [saying], like, ‘What the fuck was that, Brandon? You’re way better than that.’ I got no love. Everyone was mad at me. When you fight, you’re supposed to leave it out there.

I don’t ever want to fight like that again. To me, that wasn’t even a loss. I didn’t catch an ass whoopin’. I didn’t get beat down.