UFC News: Cro Cop Looking At January For Comeback

mirko cro cop

mirko cro cop

In a recent interview, Mirko Cro Cop told Dnevnik.hr, he is going to be fighting in January:

Dnevnik.hr: Is CroCop back?

Mirko: CroCop is recovered, it will take a month to begin with sparrings again, although I have a special helmet for protection.
The stripes are affecting my visibility so it’s not like the real thing, but the regular sparring sessions start in about a

I think my next fight is going to happen in January.

Cro Cop changes his attitude on retiring, even bringing up Randy Couture as inspiration to keep fighting:

Dnevnik.hr: Did you think about ending your career?

Mirko: I did think of it the night after my last defeat, but I’m not going to end my career soon. I will have 5 or 6 fights at least. Maybe even more, who can tell. Every fight could be your last one. You can suffer from a fatal injury, you can break your leg or arm. If I’ll be able to fight I’ll fight, it’s my life and my choice and I enjoy doing it.
I have a very strong motive, especially beacuse of number of “€žwise“ Internet users saying that I’m done. I will prove they were wrong.

Dnevnik.hr: Did you ever think about taking a year off to rest and come back stronger?

Mirko: In my case that would be a very long break. Of course, I would train a lot still if it would happen. Sometime you have to end your career, in a year, 3 or 5 years, or even 10 years – look at Randy Couture, he was the champion at 44. I will always train hard, but long breaks like that are not for me.