UFC News: David Tarell Released From The UFC

tarrell vs. lindland

tarrell vs. lindland

According to GracieFighter, David Tarrell has been official released from his contract by the UFC. Tarell once considered one of the top up-and-comers in the sport, has not been active fighting since 2006, due to pay issues and injuries.

Tarell holds one of only two black belts given by Cesar Gracie, the other one being fellow training partner Nick Diaz.

Tarell holds wins over Matt Lindland, Scott Smith, and Joey Villasenor. He is best know for knocking out Matt Lindand in just 24 seconds at UFC 49.

In an attempt to make a comeback, Tarell was scheduled to fight Ed Herman at UFC 78, but was forced out with an ankle injury.

David Terrell has been officialy released from his UFC contract.

Plagued by injuries and unhappy with the financial terms of his bout agreements, Terrell sat out the remainder of his contract. Now focused on getting his career back on track, Terrell will be looking to signing and fighting with another organization.

Tarell just turned 30 but has been fighting and training with top level guys since 1999. If Tarell signs with EliteXC he will join his fellow teammates Nick Diaz and Jake Shields.