UFC News: Shogun Out Three Months For Knee Surgery

Updated: September 27, 2007
shogun rua

shogun rua

According to an interview in the Brazilian newspaper Gazeta Do Provo, Shogun stated that he will go under the knife for a knee injury he suffered in training before UFC 76. He will be out for at least three months.

“I tore the ligament during training, I was limited, it could not run, it could not train right. Still thus I trained sufficiently, but not enough it”

“it will go for the knife” already in this Friday ( Sept. 28). “I go to operate this knee in sixth and must be without training for next the three months. For what I talked with the Rudimar master (Fedrigo), I only come back to fight in January or February”

“I was Really very sad, was the worse defeat of my career”

“I never had tired as I tired in this fight. But he does not advance to invent excuses, the error was mine, I did not train as i would have, I did not concentrate myself, had had other things that had confused, but it also had méritos. Shot a lesson of everything this and now is to train to give the return superficially”

*loosely translated with Google translator

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