UFC News: Thomas, Speer and Hironaka Cut

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Reported in the print edition of the Wrestling Observer, MMA veteran Din Thomas (22-8), TUF 7 Finalist Tommy Speer (9-3) and Shooto veteran Kuniyoshi Hironaka (11-5) have been cut by the UFC.

This latest trimming is part of a overall plan to cut 25% of the current UFC fighter roster. UFC officials have stated that the cuts are to insure that fighters are able to schedule fights and avoid long layoffs.

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8 Comments on "UFC News: Thomas, Speer and Hironaka Cut"


    Well, I haven't seen much from Hironaka. But I thought Din thomas was a good fighter from watching his last fews fights and i don't see how Tommy Speer losing his last fight to Rumble, who looked unbelievable in that last fight, means he should get cut, there are a few guys out there that havent won a meaningful fight in quite some time and you are going to cut some young talent, just doesn't make sense. The problem in my opinion is that they keep trying to bring in guys to get 10 fights a card, to be honest I don't give damn about alot of the fights that are on most cards I usually end up paying 50 bucks to watch one or two sometimes three (if im lucky) fights

  2. roy

    yeah i thought din still could make a run at the title, hopefully there just moving him tothe wec since he said he wanted to fight at 145.

  3. kom34

    they know tommy speer is young and needs experience so its just a matter of letting him develop. i agree with you guys that din seemed like a good fighter and he just caught some bad breaks in some of his fights. but to tell you the truth i would rather see him add to the 145 division in the WEC.

  4. Businessman

    I understand what the UFC is doing. They have to many fighters. Recently they still had Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, and Pedro Rizzo listed as their fighters. They have to many fighters which does not allow fighters to fight often. When was the last time Clay Guida fought? How about Hermes Franca (don't even mention the roids-I am against them but that's a whole different ballgame)? Out of all the ones that have been cut, I do feel for Din. Win or lose, he was pretty exciting. I was sitting watching the last UFC with my girlfriend and I mentioned to her that if I were Dana White, I would cut Kaleb and Lutter for their efforts. If Kaleb broke his foot, he should have stopped. There is no shame in stopping when you are injured. I would have prefered that and watching his Forrest Gump imitation. I am a BJJ practitioner and was telling everyon how Lutter was going to submit Franklin in the first round…he would have if his belly wasnt in the way. What kind of bullshit is that? I am overweight but I am not getting paid to fight. That is so unprofessional. He comes in overweight against Silva and then he comes in badly out of shape against Franklin. Although he has great BJJ skills, no organization better sign him. Again, being in shape and training is hard…but nobody made him fight in the UFC. After these two performances, the UFC decided that they needed to cut some of their borring, unprofessional, and no-way-of-competing-for-a-title fighters. Din, Speers and the rest of them can thank these two boneheads!

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