UFC News: Tito Ortiz Back In Early 2008

tito ortiz and rasad evans

tito ortiz and rasad evans

Tito’s Press release, trying to keep his name in the media.

As always, it’s been great to hear from so many fans who are eager to know about my next match. Right now I am totally focused on training. I have always had a reputation for being the best prepared fighter in any match I’ve ever entered, and I intend to maintain that reputation. I’m currently working very closely with the UFC to plan my next fight, which you can be sure will not disappoint my fans. It looks like I will fight again in early 2008, and when I do I will be 100% prepared to crush my opponent.

During training breaks I’m busy running my active sportswear business Punishment Athletics (www.punishment.com), which has just had its most successful year, and with the two causes that I support – our troops and children in need. I hope there will be an announcement very soon about a new effort that I’m involved with for kids that I think all of my fans will want to get behind. I’m also planning to follow-up my visit with our troops in this summer with a return trip before the end of the year.

After a disappointing year for Tito Ortiz, It looks like he wont be fighting for at least 4 months or even longer. Tito had only one fight in 2007, ending in a disappointing draw to Rashad Evans.

Tito Ortiz has not won a fight in over a year. Even with all the inactive, he is still a big draw for the UFC.