UFC on Fox 6 Demetrious Johnson Wins Against John Dodson

It was a unanimous win as Demetrious Johnson defeats John Dodson for their flyweight headline fight. The crowd at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois cheered as their heroes step inside the Octagon but by the time the historic 5 rounds were over, there was once clear winner for this event; it’s no other than Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson. Let us look at their impressive fight, round per round.

Round one. The round started with fighters bouncing about and looking for the ideal stance to take each one out but Dodson decides it’s too slow and kicks Johnson several times as the later tries to deliver overhead punches. Dodson uses a right hand to temporarily stun Johnson but the champ was quick to recover. Johnson gave his all with right hands, hard lefts and double-leg combinations that finally placed Dodson down. Dodson was able to recover and was quick to escape; Johnson was about to strike using his head but the bell rang and the move was cut. Johnson was the clear winner of this round.

Round two. Dodson is able to recover with everything that Johnson threw at him. He has even managed to land a kick to the champ’s body and drops him using a left hook; you can even see serious damage to Johnson’s right cheek as he faced the threatening left hook of Dodson. And even before the round ended, Dodson was able to deliver a left straight. Johnson was not completely done as he was able to provide two knee punches before the round ended. Dodson wins this round.

Round three. This round was a mix of Johnson and Dodson moves but was clearly dominated by Dodson as he was able to deliver right hands and knee combinations that were even enough to stun the champ. But Johnson was able to hit a takedown before the round ended; Dodson was caught and he fell with several knees to his body. A left hand by Dodson ends the round.

Round four. This round was dominated by Johnson as he remained unfazed by Dodson’s combination moves and possible takedowns. Dodson survived the round with bleeding knees and terrible injuries on the head as blood spills on the mat below.

Round five. With Dodson’s injuries, it was a miracle that he lasted another round. This one was clearly Johnson’s as he delivered punches, combination moves and finally a Thai clinch that resolved the entire match. Demetrious Johnson wins over John Dodson via unanimous decision.