UFC Plans Events in Boston, New York, Toronto and France



UFC President Dana White seamed pretty confident the UFC will be moving to uncharted territories in the near future.

“I’m pretty confident that we’re going to do an event in Boston, Massachusetts at the Boston Garden in November … Then first of the year New York, and I’m hoping we have Toronto done before New York.”

“We’re coming to France, there’s no doubt about it,” White said. “We’ve been working very hard on France. We’re in Germany right now and France is next … The television deal we did there … It’s doing very well on TV.” [Props MMAFighting]

The UFC has already made headway into europe with shows in the UK, Ireland and UFC 99 “The Comback” set for Cologne, Germany on June 13th.

With all the work the UFC has done in trying to legalize MMA in New York, it still seams like they have a lot barriers (Unions and Politicians) to grease before heading to the Big Apple.