UFC President Dana White Reacts To The Rampage Situation



UFC President Dana White reacts on the Carmichael Dave show (Sports 1140) about the Rampage “I’m done fighting”.

“Because I got so pissed off at him pulling out of the fight with Rashad, I’m speaking my mind – he thinks I’m trying to ruin his movie career. It’s crazy. Listen, I have nothing bad to say about Rampage, he’s a grown man. If he decides he wants to walk away from guaranteed good money right now, he’s a grown man, he can do whatever he wants to do. What did I do to Rampage? I talked to him as a friend and tried to talk him out of making a bad decision. He doesn’t think it is, he thinks he’s gonna have a movie career but there’s so many fighters I’ve met over the years who thought they were gonna have movie careers. It’s not like he was going after Machida because he wanted the belt – he didn’t want the belt! He said the belt causes too many problems and he just wanted to fight and make money and feed his family – that’s exactly what he told me. All he’s been telling me since he got into the UFC is that he wants to fight in Memphis in front of his hometown. We make the fight in Memphis and then he pulls out of the fight because he wants to go make this movie because it has so much sentimental value to him. He’s a fighter, that’s what he does for a living. Now I’m going through all this crap where I got another fighter saying ‘You know what, this isn’t what I wanna do for the rest of my life, I wanna make movies, I wanna be a movie star, this is just a second career for me.’ Like I haven’t seen this one before. Rampage is a grown man. He’s acting like a baby right now but he’s a grown man. He wants to be in the movie business? Rampage, good luck to you man. I hope you make it big – and I’m not being sarcastic because Rampage Jackson is a guy that I do like. But Rampage Jackson is a guy that doesn’t always make the best decisions.”

A unexpectedly calm Dana White reacts for the first time to the news that Quinton Rampage Jackson has quit fighting. White makes it known that this kind of drama happens every day.

Fighters gain public notoriety in the UFC, get some second rate “Strait to DVD” movie role, all this while their movie agent is whispering in their ear, telling them they could be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rampage is perfect for the A-TEAM role, but letting it ride on the success of one movie is a bad decision.

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  1. tom

    September 24, 2009 at 3:40 am

    King kong, you might want to check your history books. The USSR was having some limited success pushing the Germans out of Western Asia, but they did not force the Germans to surrender.

    I'm not going to sit here and say that the U.S. "saved" anyone, but they did a lot to bolster the Allied lines that were stretched extremely thin before Pearl Harbor. We'll never know if Germany would have been able to invade mainland England, but Europe was screwed before the U.S. joined the fight. That is a fact. Then again, the U.S. would've lost a lot more troops if it weren't for the U.K's help. We are still Allies after all.

    What it really comes down to though, is that the U.S. brought MMA mainstream with the UFC! So, we did win that war. Hooah!

  2. Joe Smith

    September 24, 2009 at 4:35 am

    Speak on it! Church! Tabernacle!

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