UFC Press Conference: Firing Back At Couture

ufc press

ufc press

Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta will be holding a press conference Tuesday October 30 at 4 pm EST, to address the whole Randy Couture resignation.

I’m sick of this whole situation, but their are rumors that Randy Couture and Dana White have come to terms. Also, Randy and his wife released statements defending randy on their blog, but have now been taken down. We will have the key point, if any that come out of this press conference live.

UFC Press Conference Key Points

  1. Speaking at the conference, Lorenzo Fertitta, Dana White, and UFC CFO John Malkey.
  2. Dana White, “Randy Couture is still a friend of mine”
  3. Malkey, talks really fast, stating out a bunch of numbers, all to say Randy Couture received a 500k signing bonus.
  4. Fartitta, “He damaged our company”, with his press conference.
  5. Dana White, Chuck Liddell “Is my best friend in this world industry”.
  6. Regarding taking legal action with Randy, Couture is still under contract with the UFC “We will do what we have to do to protect our rights”
  7. Dana White, Talks more shit about Fedor Emilianenko, at the end saying Randy Couture is a the best fighter in the world, not Fedor.
  8. Dana White, again talks about Randy Couture’s “Hollywood Agent” feeding him bullshit.
  9. Dana White, we will be offering Randy Couture a fight later this week.
  10. Dana White, If Randy turns down this fight we will consider him retired and the two top contenders will fight for the UFC Heavyweight Title.
  11. Sounds like if Randy Couture ever fights again in another organization, the UFC will take legal action. Regardless of the nine month time limit.
  12. Dana White, Randy will get 2.9 Million this year from two fights.
  13. Dana White refuses to talk about Randy Coutures contract.
  14. UFC plans two expand to UK, Europe, Canada and Latin America.
  15. In the end Dana White states, we will no longer see Lorenzo Fertitta again at a press conference and the UFC will not talk about money again to the press.