UFC Press Conference Recap and Highlights

dana white, randy couture

dana white, randy couture

UFC President Dana White conducted a conference call for the press to coincide with Randy Couture’s press conference in Las Vegas. You have to give White some credit, he is a master of the press.

UFC Key Points

  • UFC has extended their contract with SpikeTV trough 2011.
  • Spike TV, will broadcast 12 Live fight nights on Spike TV
  • BJ Penn Fight will be in December.
  • The UFC will advertise Brock Lesnar during WWE programing.
  • Brock Lesner will fight on the Superbowl Saturday show in Las Vegas.
  • Possibly 4 or 5 shows in the UK for 2008
  • Dana White, “Randy’s pissed at me”
  • “The problem was the deal wasn’t about Fedor, but what his managers were going to get,” he said. “Not once did they give a s#$% what Fedor was going to get. That’s why it fell apart. His manager is a f#$@#% liar. It was all about him and not about Fedor.”

    “Good luck to him, because I don’t want Fedor fighting in the UFC.”

  • Dana White on Randys Coutures contract, “I got Him”