UFC Rejects Blogs Sponsorship

I read on UFCmania.com that the UFC has rejected their sponsorship of UFC fighter Jon Fitch. This blows my mind. What, because now that the UFC controls the whole sport, they can play God. Did you see how many Girls Gone Wild Commercials were on UFC 70, on Spike TV and they are worried about a blog dedicated to promoting there promotion, sponsoring a fighter. UFCmania said that they heard the news via Jon Fitch and not the UFC. No reason was given as to why the sponsorship was rejected. What’s the big deal if a UFC fan site wants to sponsor a fighter who has to work as a bartender to pay the bills. I was already disgusted about how little the UFC pays under card fighters. I want to know why the UFC made this decision. My only guess is that UFCmania.com has UFC in their name and they have to enforce their trademark. I sure going to keep an eye on this story. All I have to say to the UFC is: “Don’t bite the hand of the blog that promotes you”.