UFC Sends “Cease and Desist” to Tito Ortiz

ufc 85 tito ortiz vs dana white

Add another potential legal battle to the UFC’s long list, Adam Swift over at MMAPayout has learned that the UFC have served Tito Ortiz with a “Cease and Desist” notice regarding his recently released autobiography.

Tito Ortiz was recently served a cease and desist request from the UFC. The subject of the complaint was the cover of Ortiz’s recently released autobiography, entitled This is Going to Hurt. The book’s cover features Ortiz wearing the UFC Light Heavyweight Title is intellectual property of the UFC. As such, its use in promotional materials requires the company’s approval per the terms of its standard contract.

This is just one of many legal battle’s the UFC has brought against their current and former fighters. A “Cease and Desist” is not a lawsuit, but more of a preemptive warning that a legal battle might be brewing, if an activity is not stopped, in this case the sale of his book.