UFC Ultimate Fight Night 11 is Shaping Up


New additions to the UFN 11 card have made this event pretty interesting. September is a big month for the UFC with two UFC events, the Ultimate Fighter 6, and now this event.

UFN 11 will air September 19th at 8 pm ET on SPIKE TV. Barring any changes to the current card, here are the bouts:

MAIN EVENT: Lightweight Contention Match
Din Thomas (23-7) vs. Spencer Fisher (20-3)

With the recent steroid accusations and possible suspension of LW Champ Sean Sherk, this should be a very important match where the winner could be in line for a Lightweight Title match very soon.


170 lbs.: Mike Swick (10-2) vs. Jonathan Goulet (19-8)
185 lbs.: Chris Leben (16-4) vs. Terry Martin (16-2)
155 lbs.: Nate Diaz (6-2) vs. Junior Assuncao (5-2)

Initially a very interesting fight, Swick vs. Leben 2, turns into two separate but good fights for each of them. Swick wanted to avenge his loss to Leben before the TUF1 show since apparently Leben has been holding it over him ever since. Unfortunately, Leben pulled out of the match right before it was finalized, probably because another loss would really hurt his career in the UFC.

Jonathan Goulet worked his magic on the Sherdog forums to pursuade the UFC and Swick to give him a shot at this fight, and it worked. Goulet is back in the UFC for the first time since his disappointing loss to Josh Koscheck.

UNDER CARD MATCHES (May not be televised):

170 lbs.: Thiago Alves (11-3) vs. Kuniyoshi Hironaka (11-3)
185 lbs.: Nate Quarry (8-2) vs. Pete Sell (7-3)
155 lbs.: Leonard Garcia (13-2) vs. Cole Miller (12-2)
170 lbs.: Luke Cummo (5-4) vs. Edilberto de Oliveira (8-1-1)
155 lbs.: Gray Maynard (2-0) vs. Joe Veres (4-1)

Thiago Alves is back following his suspension for testing positive for a diuretic. Nate Quarry is back in the UFC spotlight for the first time since his posterized knockout loss to former Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin. Not just that, Quarry has had major spinal surgery with experimental techniques (artificial spinal cartilage) that make this comeback more like a success story.

On top of that we have a lot of TUF products including Cole Miller (TUF 5) who is taking on the guy who never quits Leonard Garcia. If you watched Leonard Garcia vs. Roger Huerta, it was one of the best fights you will see this year.