UWF 1: War Machine Earns a Hard Fought Win Against Roger Huerta


Former UFC fighters War Machine (aka Jon Koppenhaver) and Roger Huerta battled last night at Ultimate Warrior Fighting 1 in Pharr, Texas. In a back and forth fight, War Machine was able to stop Huerta via TKO in the third round after taking the mount position and raining down punches.

The fight was action packed with both fighters battling back and forth for the first two rounds. War Machine gained an edge during the third round as he actively tried to catch Huerta in multiple submissions before working his way into the mount position. From there he rained down a barrage of punches that Huerta was not able to adequately defend himself against, causing the referee to stop the fight. After Huerta stayed down and looked noticeably in pain from an injury to his ribs.

Both fighters have had their run of bad luck in the last year with War Machine coming off of spending a year in the San Diego County Jail for assault and Huerta coming off of a 1-2 record since being released by the UFC.

Fight video HERE!