Unnecessary Blows Taken by Mark Munoz According to Ref Josh Rosenthal

Unnecessary Blows Taken by Mark Munoz According to Ref Josh Rosenthal

Unnecessary Blows Taken by Mark Munoz According to Ref Josh RosenthalMost often, referees shoulder the blame on their straightaway decisions inside the cage. Nonetheless, they do not voice out any of their opinion on those matters or even on their performance inside the ring. Much less is the event that a referee would admit his failure inside the Octagon. Oftentimes, referees leave the judgment to the fans of their performance inside the cage.

What Josh Rosenthal Admits

Just last week, fans saw how gruesome was the fight between Chris Weidman and Mark Munoz. In this subject, Josh Rosenthal fairly admitted that he permitted the fight too long having Munoz accept unnecessary blows. During the second round, Weidman used an elbow strike against Munoz that dropped him which made a way for unloading more of Weidman’s 17 punches. The whole action apparent between Weidman and Munoz at this time was as short as 8 seconds but many UFC fans suggested that Rosenthal should’ve made a move earlier to save Munoz from these terrible strikes. “If I was sitting here, watching this on the couch, I probably would have been talking smack about myself,” Rosenthal admitted in a radio show. Most of the UFC fans questioned what happened in this 8-second bout. Rosenthal replied that during this fight, the two fighters were putting high stakes and he was trying to offer the chance for both to showcase their skills. During that time, he only wanted Munoz to have more time to answer against Weidman’s strikes but Rosenthal might have let the bout take longer.

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Dan Henderson: Rosenthal’s Accountability

Rosenthal was also the referee during the match of Shogun and Henderson at UFC 139. Both men were throwing the worst at themselves in every round. From this standpoint, Rosenthal has already experienced how both fighters can go too far. He then saw the same incident during Weidman and Munoz fight where he felt accountable for not stopping the fight before everything got out of hand.