Uno versus Ishiwatari in September 30


In Tokyo, fans were screaming and rooting for their favorite fighters. Then bantamweight King of Pancrase Shintaro Ishiwatari announced crowds at Pancrase “Progress Tour 9” that he will fight against Caol Uno, a UFC veteran, on Shooto’s September 30 card at the Korakuen Hall.

However, this is not an easy fight for Ishiwatari. He will need to move up from his usual weight of 135 pounds to 143 pounds to compete with the legendary Shootor. Needless to say that he will need to adjust to his new weight which is eight pound heavier and more difficult to handle. It has been known that fighters who move up their weight divisions face difficult adjustment times; this is why most trainers discourage this.

Shintaro Ishiwatari is a 27 year old fighter from Osaka, Japan. He stands 5’6” tall and currently at 134 pounds. He has an impressive 13 wins and 4 losses and 4 draws to his name and he is just fresh from his win over Nobutake Hiyoshi over a unanimous decision at the Pancrase –Progress Tour 7. This win was his fourth consecutive following a fight that ended with a draw with Tashiro Nishiuchi at the Pancrase – Impressive Tour 4.

Caol Uno on the other hand is thought to be in the twilight of his MMA career. He has been fighting under UFC, Shooto, K-1 Hero’s and Dream. His career was sent at lightweight bouts but he made the choice to go down at featherweight only in 2010. One of his notable victories was when he knocked out Shooto icon Rumina Sato to become their 154 – pound champion. “Uno Shoten” is a native of Kanagawa, Japan and he is 37 years old. He has 26 wins, 15 losses and 4 draws in his career. He was last seen at Dream 17 in September 2011 as he lost to Takeshi Inoue with a knockout using a head kick under 5 minutes of the first round. This fight with Ishiwatari will be his first fight in Shooto after a 2004 dray with Tatsuya Kawajiri. Since then, he has not competed and has trained instead for his next fight.

Truly not just Japanese MMA fans will look forward to the Ishiwatari versus Uno fight this September but also huge fans from all over the world. Shooto has been the home of so many dynamic fighters with the ability to draw more crowds compared to other sport event in the country.