Vera Versus Shogun: Are We Going to See the Biggest UFC Fight?

Vera Versus Shogun: Are We Going to See the Biggest UFC Fight?

Vera Versus Shogun: Are We Going to See the Biggest UFC Fight?Thinking about his fight with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Brandon Vera is not very much pleased. He was chosen by Shogun as an opponent. However, most fans came into thinking that this happened because Vera was an easier opponent. Shogun did not choose Glover Teixeira after Thiago Silva injured Teixeira from the UFC 149 fight. This has threatened Shogun’s career after his supposed fight with Teixeira was aired. Hence, he chose Vera as he would be a valuable opponent for his UFC career.

This only means, for most UFC fans, that Vera was chosen because he is easier to beat than Teixeira. During his last octagon debut, Teixeira won over Kyle Kingsbury. Moreover, Brandon Vera is in the business that long to make that certain connection. He went from heavyweight to light heavyweight that endangered his reputation to most UFC fans.

Vera thinks that he has the deal in this fight and he doesn’t care whatever the reason for Shogun to choose him. He also added that fighting with Shogun is a good deal. He’s been waiting for this fight after seeing Shogun’s victory over other opponents in UFC. Nonetheless, there is an imminent threat to his reputation especially with him getting the good performance. Vera is anticipating this fight and has never felt this excitement since he fought with Couture that resulted to loss. The event will be televised on Fox 4 in August 4 in Los Angeles Staples Center.

Shogun, on the other hand, was considered a legacy in the making. Fighting Henderson was surely a hit even though Henderson won the UFC 139. Shogun was also defeated by Griffin and Machida.

Even with all the odds and reasons behind these two fighters, nothing could compare to the excitement that most UFC fans are feeling right now. These two MMA fighters will surely give their best on the big stage.