Victories at Jewels: Mei Yamaguchi and Shizuka Sugiyama at 20th Ring

Victories at Jewels: Mei Yamaguchi and Shizuka Sugiyama at 20th Ring

Victories at Jewels: Mei Yamaguchi and Shizuka Sugiyama at 20th RingIn Tokyo, Japan last July 21, Valkyrie Featherweight Division Champion Mei Yamaguchi wins over Emi Tomimatsu for the second bout. After this victory, Yamaguchi hopes to fight the lightweight division champion. The top Jewels’ athlete is Shizuka Sugiyama who recently made a victorious return after being laid off due to her international training. She earned a victory over Megumi Yabushita via split decision.

Yamaguchi vs. Tomimatsu Fight Details

Tomimatsu (5-5-0) and Yamaguchi (10-4-14) were both very skilled in the main event. During the first 5 minutes of their fight, nobody could outwit the other as there were no advantages seen. Yamaguchi used here short and brief punches while Tomimatsu countered the attacks with her knees. During the second round, Yamaguchi took control of the fight, as she scored more and hit more combinations until the middle of the second round. With another takedown, Yamaguchi secured an armbar but Tomimatsu was clever enough and took the former on top. Yamaguch maintained her position while they both hit punches at each other. The judges of the fight were Akira Yamazaki, Ryogaku Wada, and Yoshinoru Umeki and all were agreeing with the decision of Yamaguchi winning the fight over Tomimatsu. Following her victory, Yamaguchi expressed desire to lengthen the fight with Tomimatsu but she is not capable to do so during that time.

Sugiyama’s Fight with Yabushita

Before the main card, Sugiyama won over Yabushita in competitive match. Even though Sugiyama controlled the fight with punches, kicks, and knee hits, Yabushita did not let her guard down with throws and takedowns. Sugiyama was quick in escaping the guillotine and armbar attack of Yabushita in round 1. Round two was the same as round one but both fighters were eager to place their victory during that night. Sugiyama was close to be finished by Yabushita but still made it during the final seconds of round 2.