Video: Jason Black vs. Matt Grise, UFC 77 Fight Of The Night


  1. Morey

    October 25, 2007 at 5:14 am

    Damn good fight. The second round is just crazy.

  2. Strunky

    October 25, 2007 at 9:51 am

    Wow Sick fight. I agree with the decision, but I had the first two rounds even. Great strikes early, then a double submission attempt while striking? Yeah!

  3. Ultimate47

    October 27, 2007 at 5:32 am

    One of the most entertaining fights i've every seen. These two guys, need the upmost respect from everyone. they put on a war.

  4. crynot

    October 27, 2007 at 8:47 am

    wow, what a fun fight. Did this one make it on the pay per view? wasn't it an undercard fight?

    What happened with the scoring? Did they give it to Black at first?

  5. Realwun

    October 27, 2007 at 10:11 am

    It wasn't on the PPV, not even the Okami vs. McDonald fight made it to the PPV. They miscounted one of the scores, I don't know how, but they did and thats how they announced Black the winner. Then they went back to double check and got it right.

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