Video: Lightning Lee Murray Featured on ESPN E:60

Video: Lightning Lee Murray Featured on ESPN E:60

ESPN featured “Lightning” Lee Murray on ESPN E:60. Former UFC Fighter Lee Murray is currently held in Maraco, waiting for a judges decision on extradition to England to face robbery and kidnapping charges. Murray is accused of pulling off the BIGGEST cash robbery in history.

ESPN E:60 Featuring Lee Murray Part 1

ESPN E:60 Featuring Lee Murray Part 2

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12 Comments on "Video: Lightning Lee Murray Featured on ESPN E:60"

  1. kom34

    i didn't know much about lee murray before but this is a crazy story. i heard about him knocking tito out in the alley before. someone put that in their book, maybe chuck. but i think the only one arguing that story is tito because he got ktfo.

  2. DanP

    He was a great Fighter – The full story of the Tito incident is in Matt Hughes book – Basically he kicked the shit out of Tito in an Alley in front of Chuck, Hughes, Militch and various London gangsters after they were all in a night club…

    Check out his fight with Anderson Silva at Cage Rage – pretty close – Murry had excellent stand up!

  3. Kash

    I think he wanted to be like the guys in this favorite movies. Like they said he liked the attention he got for the heist. He was already making a living fighting it wasn't that long ago.

  4. BJJ-Brown Belt Rabbi

    Yeah. Pat Miletich was there and told the story of it going down, it began as a joke, Tito's buddy was playing around and it got out of hand Tito tried to take down one of Lee's friends and Lee let his hands go, connecting on nearly 6 punches in a row, knocking Tito out cold. Miletich said it was one of the greatest knockouts he's ever seen, he said Lee's hands were as quick as 'Lightning' . . .

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