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13 Comments on "Video: UFC Fight Night 13 Undercards"

  1. Kash

    Check out the Aurelio fight, it has everything in a matter of about 5 seconds. Guida looks a lot more patient now and hopefully that makes him a better fighter. Gamburyan gives Cox a good cheap shot to start the fight.

  2. kom34

    i saw that too it looked shady on manny's part. he goes in with his hand like he is going to tap and then throws a kick before he even touches gloves. thats classic cheap shot right there.

  3. Ryan

    I never have liked Gamburyan. First on the show all he did was lay on everyone and win by control. Now he is throwing cheap shots. If he would have actually tapped first, it wouldn't have been so shitty.

  4. But in all seriousness, that was a fairly shameful display by Manny. I understand that he was hungry for a win, but you don't try to kick a guys face the split second your gloves touch. it's b.s.

  5. Ryan Shaw

    It's elitist MMA pricks like Blair who take the fun out of the fucking sport. What? juts because it wasnt a boring ground fight it wasnt cool?

    Damn those drunk rednecks enjoying exciting things like headkicks rather then snoozefest armbar/descisions.

    YOU eat shit. Cunt.

  6. Ryan S

    Gotta love the testosterone. If you don't like ground fights, aren't you really more of a kickboxing fan than an mma fan? Mma mostly ends up on the ground anyway.

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