Video: Wanderlei Silva Off To TUFF-N-UFF

Video: Wanderlei Silva Off To TUFF-N-UFF

“The Axe Murder” Wanderlei Silva heads out to support some of his MMA up and comers as they compete in the amateur MMA event TUFF-N-UFF at the Orleans in Las Vegas. On the way to the event Wanderlei spills his guts about his struggle getting started in the sport. “nobody ever said that a fighters life would be easy” – Wanderlei Silva

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  1. tom

    September 28, 2009 at 1:40 am

    Mike Swick vs. Dan Hardy to determine No. 1 contender for Georges St. Pierre

    I would like to see swick Walk throw Hardy but idk its going to be a good fight..But i think swick will win

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