Wanderlei Silva Could Possibly Drop To Middleweight?

pride 33 wanderlei vs. henderson

pride 33 wanderlei vs. henderson

Here is a loosely translated text from Wanderlei Silva’s official blog:

Wanderlei speaks about a possible fight with Keith Jardine:

Everybody is talking about the Jardine fight but has nothing official, I think it would be a good match-up because his style with with mine and it certainly would be great choice for my next opponent.

Wanderlei on a possible drop to Middleweight:

The fight between Anderson Silva against Dan Henderson will be great, if Dan Henderson wins I wouldn’t think twice drop down to 185lb and fight him . Respect aside, a lot has changed since my last fight because it was not one of my best days at that time. I am thinking seriously considering to change my weight category here in the UFC because I am very lite

Do you want to see me in another category?

What they think? I will do everything possible to update the blog more constantly to keep them informed of everything, everything that happens with this friend that you have here in Lãs Vegas. Love, stay with God.