Want To Be a Better Fighter…Smoke a Joint??

In a crazy move, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has added to the punishment of Nick Diaz for testing positive to marajuana after his dominant victory over Takanori Gomi. In addition to the six month suspension and $3000 fine, the fight will be recorded as a no-decision and the win will be taken from his record.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission Chairman, Dr. Tony Alamo, stated that Diaz was loaded with THC and had a reading of 175. To gage this, a positive test starts at 15 and the Nevada rules will not accept anything over a 50. The win was taken because Alamo thinks that that level of THC would numb a fighter from pain.

Diaz tried to come back by saying it was just a one time thing. Ha ha, yeah right, that guy would be the first one cast in a Halfbaked sequel. All the same, its too bad he has to be an example and give his win away over Gomi, or as he calls him, “that little fucker.” Others have gotten away with it like Diego Sanchez and Tim Sylvia.

So there it is, I guess smoking weed will give you that edge that steroids just don’t offer.