Want to Try the Jake Ellenberger Diet?

UFC and MMA are not just about impressive fighters and heart-pounding action. It is also about maintaining fighters’ figure and their nutrition. Ask Jake Ellenberger and he will be glad to tell you about how he eats to prepare for his matches and how he came up with his own diet plan even during off days.

Ellenberger will be watching UFC 154 through pay-per-view in the comforts of his own home however he is a fighter that should never be ignored. Ellenberger is a 27-year old U.S. Marine Corps veteran and has won most of his matches through knock outs. He proves to be one of the most prized fighters in the business and possibly one of the healthiest. So, do you want to try the Jake Ellenberger diet?

Ellenberger describes what his typical day is. He eats a lot of eggs, high quality protein like chicken, fish and steaks. He admits hating egg whites but since he wants to build a lean and strong body, he eats them as well. His Nebraskan appetite for beef never falters and he eats so much beef and seafood as he possibly can.

For breakfast, Ellenberger advices not to skip this important meal no matter what. During intense workout session especially before a match, eh would eat oatmeal for breakfast before he hits the training room. But during off days, he eats scrambled eggs and almond butter and honey over an Ezekiel toast.

He is not a huge fan of supplements and he only takes protein shakes every once in a while after he has a long and intense workout. He eats a lot of cooked vegetables, brown rice, fish or meat and beans for a fully loaded meal.

Eating small but frequent meals is also being done by Ellenberger and he admits to eating five to six meals in a day but he tries hard not to eat beyond 9 PM.

He is also a self-confessed grill master and he says that if he is not training for a fight then he is grilling meat, chicken and vegetables. He is enthusiastic about backyard barbecues since he lives in all-sunny South California.

If there is one special thing about the Ellenberger diet is that he only drinks reverse-osmosis and de-ionized water during training. He admits to drinking at least two gallons of iced tea and lemonade while training as well.