War Machine Booted From Bellator Fighting Championships?



Our favorite MMA loose cannon and renegade blogger, War Machine (FKA Jon Koppenhaver) has apparently been cut from Bellator Fighting Championships before he even had a chance to fight, according to War Machines MySpace page.

“Seems War Machine is being censored again. I can’t speak my mind at all without all the faggot higher-ups in the industry getting their panties in a wad. Just how my Evan Tanner bulletin got me kicked out of the UFC it seems that I have been kicked off the Bellator show before it has even begun. Seems they don’t like it when their fighters speak their mind on the politics of the USA and its [expletive]-ass presidents…. I’m not changing for anyone or any dollar amount. I could have earned over a quarter million in that tournament but I don’t give a [expletive].”

He was expected to be a part of BFC tournament style fightcard which was set to debut on ESPN Deportes, April 4th.

This is not the first time time he has been in trouble. He posted this shortly after Evan Tanners death, hinting a possible suicide.

“What else is an underpaid fighter supposed to do at the end of his career? … Cash in his 401K? Collect social security? Start to work some [expletive] job for 10 bucks an hour? (This) [expletive] ain’t boxing, and if you’re not Chuck [Liddell] or Tito Ortiz, you don’t get paid dick.”

The UFC released him from his contract shortly after.

TG “Roy” for the tip