WEC 31: Farber Vs. Curran Official Payouts

wec payout money

wec payout money

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has released official fighter pay for WEC 31: Farber vs. Curren which took place on December 12.

WEC 31 Payouts

Jens Pulver: $60,000 (30k to fight, 30k to win)
Paulo Filho: $56,000 ( 38k to fight, 18k to win)
Urijah Faber: $40,000 (20k to fight, 20k to win)
John Alessio: $26,000 (13k to fight, 13k to win)
Chael Sonnen: $25,000 (25k to fight)
Charles Valencia: $12,000 (6k to fight, 6k to win)
Jeff Curran: $10,000 (10k to fight)
Doug Marshall: $10,000 (5k to fight, 5k to win) 9th fight in WEC
Bryan Baker: $8,000 (4k to fight, 4k to win)
Alex Karalexis: $8,000 (8k to fight)
Ed Ratcliff: $8,000 (4k to fight, 4k to win)
Brian Bowles: $6,000 (3k to fight, 3k to win)
Cub Swanson: $5,000 (5k to fight)
Marcos Galvao: $5,000 (5k to fight)
Eric Schambari: $5,000 (5k to fight)
Ariel Gandulla: $4,000 (5k to fight)
Todd Moore: $4,000 (4k to fight)
Ian McCall: $3,000 (3k to fight)

Total Payout: $295,000

And the award for “Fighter In Need Of A Better Agent” go’s to Doug Marshall (5k a fight). Aside from holding the WEC Light Heavyweight Belt, this was also Doug Marshall’s 9th fight in the WEC.