WEC 34: Faber vs. Pulver

wec 34 poster

wec 34 poster


June 1, 2008


Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA


Live on Verses


Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver
Miguel Torres Vs. Manny Tapia
Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen
Jeff Curran vs Mike Brown

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11 Comments on "WEC 34: Faber vs. Pulver"

  1. tom

    sounds like a good fight card and i think pulver vs Faber is going to be a all out war and faber is not going to run throw him

  2. Nicks

    Yeah the Pulver vs Faber is the match of the night.

    I'm pulling for Pulver winner by TKO.

    Sonnen wins by just showing up hes golden.

  3. Carter

    i like pulver don't get me wrong, but he sucks the game has passed him bye. urijah is just too much. have you not seen all his wec wins.

  4. Nicks

    Its to funny when people say I like this guy but he sucks.

    I like "insert anything" but it sucks. yeah that made sense.

    The fight game has passed by Pulver???

    Jens last fight was win by submission and then before that a loss to BJ Penn he needs to so retire yeah ok hahaha.

    Have you not seen all of Jens wins in the UFC?


    Nick I have to agree with you. When a fighter gets older and loses a fight many uninformed or casual mma viewers think they need to pack it in. What if randy couture would have stayed retired after he ot worked by liddell twice, he wouldn't be heavyweight champ. Marc coleman did some pretty impressive things in pride after many had thrown him by the wayside. It hurts me to say this but somehow Tim Sylvia keeps coming back from defeats here and there. So just because a guy isnt knocking somenoe out 30 seconds into the fight doesnt mean he doesnt have any left in the tank. You think if for one second Lesnar underestimates marc coleman he wont be lying on his back getting pummeled, WRONG. I havent watched Jens fight much, to be honest not that impressed but I will tell you this anyone who can get in the ring with B.J. Penn probably has plenty left in the tank.

  6. tom

    i really want to see this fight.. cause they are both very good..jens has a good wrestling back ground and he trains with very good wrestlers like matt huges and his camp which has corry hill and robby lawer.. jens can out strike faber with easy but faber is all around good and fast and strong but jens is really strong for 145 so idk its just going to be a war i dont see faber or jens walking throw each other..

  7. Businessman

    Pulver's skills have deminished. At his prime he was one of the best. I am not saying he is ready for retirement but he will not beat Faber. Although Pulver comes from a great camp, I am not impressed with his ground skills. If Filho is mentality right and stays away from the pharmacy, he should win. Miguel Torres is going to continue to win. I trained with him a little and he is so smooth and quick. Fighter like him and Nate Diaz have a huge advantage with their long legs. Jeff Curran should also win. This looks like a great card. Why on a Sunday??? What is up with that?

  8. roy

    the elite card is going to be nice but this is the fight of the weekend and the rest of the card looks good to. torres looks awsome can't wait to see his fight too.

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