What Do You Think of the New MMA Rule Changes?

Kevin C. Cox

New rules are being introduced by the Association of Boxing Commissions regarding MMA scoring. A lot of fans have been complaining for years about the scoring procedure that’s been in place and it’s going to be interesting to see their reactions to these changes. Will these new rules change things up enough to satisfy even the most demanding and complaining fans? Time will tell as the feedback rolls in.

The Association is now clarifying exactly what will be needed to win a round and earned the 10 critical points.

1. Removal of effective defense

This is a good rule that is practiced in most sports. A good defense stops the opponent from gaining points and helps to set up a better offense. It really shouldn’t be counted.

2. The word “damage” will be replaced with “effective”

This decision is based on legalities. The word “damage” could possibly lead to liability problems if the commissions become involved in any type of litigation. As well, since MMA is a new sport to the scene and is still waiting for sanctioning in many areas, the term damage” could possibly be a determining factor in deciding future sanctions. Many that are opposed to the sport of MMA could use that word out of its sporting context to prove a point.

This new MMA rule may also stop the finger-pointing after fights where opponents use bruises and scratches as their sole winning proof.

3. Grappling and striking will have equal scoring weights

With the old system striking was rewarded more than grappling. Since MMA has both of these skill sets as its basis, grappling should be given its rightful equal place next to striking. There is, after all, a special skill needed for effective offensive grappling and it also has the potential to finish off a fight.

There are definitely a lot of MMA fighters that feel that this new rule is long overdue. Fighters like Miguel Torres will be dancing a happy dance for sure if this provision gets put into place.

Voting for these recommendations will be taking place next week. While many fans may be screaming that there weren’t enough rule changes put into place, this is a good step forward. You can be sure that once these new rules are put on the table that others will follow later.