What Mick Maynard Explains on Legacy FC Controversies and Weight Cuts

What Mick Maynard Explains on Legacy FC Controversies and Weight Cuts

What Mick Maynard Explains on Legacy FC Controversies and Weight CutsLast July 13, Legacy FC 12 made statements on the current issues they are facing. The first was fighters leaving their slots in order to be the main event. Another was the match between Jay Hieron and Romario Manoel de Silva. Nonetheless, the Legacy President Mick Maynard is still contented with what happened on the fight card. Due to injuries, Legacy FC lost 7 fighters but still, Maynard is hopeful.

Hieron and De Silva Controversy

The match between De Silva and Hieron only became the main event before the day of the fight. During the weigh-ins, Will Campuzano and Chad Robichaux fight was postponed due to some medical issues. According to Maynard, this was difficult decision to make. Robichaux was really hurting at 127 pounds and he cannot lose anymore because of kidney problems. The toughest part for Maynard was to tell Campuzano of the sudden cancellation of the fight. This has led for a reschedule on the next Legacy FC show on August 17. The fate of Robichaux, on the other hand, is yet to be determined.

What’s Next for Legacy FC?

After looking at all the challenges that spurred at Legacy FC, Maynard wants to focus on their other scheduled fights. The next match is come up in August at Dallas. This is happening in part of Europa Health and Fitness Expo, which may invite more audience than expected. Maynard says that they are expected 50,000 audiences to come. After the August event, they will be focusing on another September fight then again after two months. There are still many shows for Legacy FC, which makes a total of 6 for 2012 and probably make a dozen fights next year. Maynard wants to expand and throw their fights even in new locations to give way to more audiences.

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