What’s Next for Tim Sylvia’s MMA Fighting Career?

What’s Next for Tim Sylvia’s MMA Fighting Career?

What’s Next for Tim Sylvia’s MMA Fighting Career?According to Dana White, UFC president, Tim Sylvia will fight with Daniel Cormier on September 29 but they dispelled the rumors that Sylvia already signed with any Zuffa contracts. This was declared within hours after the reports that the former heavyweight division champion will fight with Cormier on Strikeforce. Before this was confirmed, there were already issues within the group that Sylvia will be brought in, as he would be fighting Cormier. Nonetheless, the plans on Sylvia did not materialize.

Sylvia’s MMA Career

His MMA debut happened in 2001 as he fought for IFC. He then signed with UFC and won against Wesley Correira at UFC 39. His first heavyweight championship victory was against Ricco Rodriguez at UFC 41. After winning over Gan McGee, Sylvia was found positive on Stanozolol, which was a banned substance. Voluntarily, Sylvia forfeited his heavyweight title and accepted his 6-month suspension and $10,000 from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. According to Sylvia, his use of steroids was to help him lose excess pounds. Sylvia admitted and apologized about the issue. Sylvia then returned to fight inside the cage in 2004 versus Frank Mir for the heavyweight championship but he lost. During the first round, Mir had injured Sylvia’s right arm. Escaping the arm bar attack from Mir, Sylvia endured a fracture and took months to recover.

Signing Up with Several Groups

Sylvia joined several matches from his injury with Mir. When he returned for the Octagon, it was said that a titanium plate is attached on his forearm. His most recent bout was with Randy Smith at New England Fight that happened in Maine last June 16. Sylvia won over Smith via technical knockout within 12 seconds. Sylvia even had a pro wrestling debut last 2010 but lose to Josh Bartnet at the Genome 13 event of Inoki Genome Foundation.