Will Gina Carano Come Back to the League?


What would you say if Gina Carano comes back for UFC? This has been the point of discussion for several years now and loyal fans are waiting. And as the fans wait, they try to guess who would best be pitted to Carano.

One of the most possible fighters to make it to the ring is Gina Carano; she is the unofficial ambassador for women fighters in the MMA and has participated in the first televised women’s MMA bout as well as the first contest to feature women as the fight card of a major organization. She has tasted Hollywood with movies that featured her amazing talent as a fighter like Haywire, Blood and Bone and many more but will she come back to MMA and UFC for the lure of the game?

Showtime Sports head Stephen Espinoza has been Gina’s representative and good friend and he admits that for as long as Gina lives there will probably be a burning desire to come back in the ring. He mentions that Gina is a “fighter at heart” and no matter how successful in any field she may be, there is always that “itch” to come back to the ring. He further added that he knows there is a huge part in her that wishes she could fight again as she watches a big fighting event. There is always a part of her that wants to come back.

Lately, announcements have been made regarding Gina Carano’s medical issues that prevented her from competing at Stikeforce “Overeem vs. Werdum” last June 18. It was announced before the competition that Gina’s medical clearance was revoked by her doctor and she will not be able to join the fight at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. The issues regarding her medical problems are not yet revealed as well.