XARM UFC Style Arm Wrestling?


The founding members of UFC are at it again, first Bob Meyrowitz’s YAMMA Pit Fighting and now this! A new sport called XARM, is a mix of MMA and Arm Wrestling and is set to take the Mixed Martial Arts world by storm.

Art Davie co-founded WOW Promotions with Rorion Gracie, which started the “War of the Worlds” tournament, which later was renamed the Ultimate Fighting Championships. In 1995 Davie sold his interest in the UFC and is now looking for a comeback with XARM.

Art Davie:

Earlier this year I came up with an idea, for something completely new: a combat sport for the digital age. XARM is a new sport with action entertainment even more intense than MMA. It’s geared for the Internet and guaranteed to look good on an IPOD® or a Blackberry®. A fighting sport that was pure action! And so XARM was born….a combination of hardcore arm wrestling, kickboxing and jiu-jitsu.

In an XARM bout the way to win is to pin your opponent’s arm or knock him out. There are only three rounds – and the rounds are only a minute long. We discovered in the gym that any longer was too hard on the fighters. The action in this sport is tremendous. Athletes are tethered to the table and their grip hands are strapped together, so there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. It’s real hand-to-hand combat. But, like any competitive sport, there are rules and a special 10-point must system if a bout goes to a decision.

This sport is truly created for the digital age. We have some high tech stuff coming that will blow your mind. Consider this:

* Combat gloves wired with special sensors that tell you how hard those left hooks are landing
* A running count of how many punches are being thrown and when they land
* A combat table wired with sensors that record every arm wrestling pin
* Even the ref has a camera and a microphone mounted right in his eyeglasses so you see action from his perspective too!

Watch the Promo Video Here