YAMMA Pit Fighting Results

Here are the quick results of last night YAMMA.

Heavyweight Superfights

Patrick Smith defeats Eric “Butterbean” Esch by Submission (Strikes) at 3:17 of R1.
Oleg Taktarov defeats Mark Kerr by Submission (Kneebar) at 1:55 of R1.

Heavyweight Tournament

Lamont Lister defeats Oleg Savitsky by TKO (Strikes) at 0:33 of R1.
Bryan Vetell defeats Antwain Britt by Unanimous Decision.
Alexey Oleinik defeats Sherman Pendergarst by Submission (Forearm choke) at 4:18 of R1.
Chris Tuscherer defeats Tony Sylvester by Unanimous Decision
Travis Wiuff defeats Marcelo Pereira by Unanimous Decision.
Chris Tuscherer defeats Alexey Oleinik by Unanimous Decision.
Travis Wiuff defeats Ricco Rodriguez by Unanimous Decision.
Travis Wiuff defeats Chris Tuscherer by Unanimous Decision.

HW Tournament Winner: Travis Wiuff