Yoshiro Maeda Retains Bantamweight Title

Yoshiro Maeda

The winners are in; WEC veteran Yoshiro Maeda defeats Tatsumitsu Wada. He retains the Deep bantamweight title in the main event of Deep “59 Impact”. The event was held at Korakuen Hall on Saturday evening,

It was a fight that was to be remembered as Wada was fighting for the belt; he was even noted to give the champ more than a fight. When Maeda was interviewed after the bout, he commented: “I wanted to show how much a difference there was between us in skill, but as the fight went on, he got stronger,” he added: “This time, I trained so hard, I felt like it was finally enough, so I didn’t feel nervous about being unprepared.”

To recap the fight, Maeda controlled the opening part of the round as he dragged Wada along the mat from the knee. Several punches from the mount and back mount later, Wada was able to escape from an arm bar and leg lock attempt by Maeda.

In the middle of the fight, Wada rebounded and managed to land knees to body and hard right jabs to his face. A complain from Maeda to referee Yoshinori Umeki about their clashing heads during a head butt was another highlight of the fight. It was also noticeable how each had so much energy which nearly caused them to land outside the ring on three separate occasions. But as the final stages of the fight came, Maeda controlled the match and dominated with a mount and back mount.

During round three, Maeda completely dominated the fight; he was able to putdown Wada in just a matter of seconds after the opening bell. Wada gave up and shortly after he was a goner from a rear-naked choke at 2 minutes and 32 seconds.

Maeda could not contain his joy. “I needed to show all the skills I had. I thought I’d have the advantage on the feet, but lately, I’m not very favored in that department. Did you guys think I won by coincidence?”

Yoshiro Maeda is 30 years old from Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan. He has 30 wins, 11 losses and 4 draws in his career. His latest win before Wada was against Takafumi Otsuka at the Deep 57 Impact in February. Tatsumitsu Wada on the other hand is just 23 years old with 8 wins, 7 losses and 1 draw career. His latest win was against Takafumi Otsuka at the Deep Cage Impact 2012 in Tokyo: Over Again in April.